Go Be Love Conference

This week the organization that I work for, Go Be Love International, will be hosting a missions conference in Atlanta, GA. Bob Goff is our keynote speaker and I am so excited about all of it!

Thrive to Shine is one of the sponsors of the event. Our heart at Thrive to Shine is to live generously and it made sense to sponsor this particular event because it marries two of my passions and goes hand in hand with thriving in our own lives so that we can shine a light to others.

For those that aren’t familiar with Go Be Love, our mission includes caring for families and communities, orphan prevention, and missionary care. We partner with ministries and missionaries in the US and abroad, and send short-term teams to support their efforts and meet needs on the field.

I have worked with this organization for 8 years and love everything about it. I am a mission trip coordinator and handle a lot of the planning and logistics of some of the trips that we send out. It is such an honor to see how God moves in the lives of those that go as well as those that being visited.

I am looking forward to meeting with like-minded people at the conference this week to discuss things such as: learning from global partners, starting a non profit, being prepared for anything on the mission field, holistic orphan care, attachment, transitioning into serving as a long-term missionary, youth trips, long-term impact from short-term teams, and more.

If you have been considering going on a mission trip, I would love to talk with you more!

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