When Envy Shows Up

I was listening to a podcast today by my pal Rach (aka Rachel Hollis for those that aren’t aware of my current obsession with her) and the person she was interviewing said that envy shows us what we should be doing. That really struck me and made me pause and think about it throughout today.

I think when I think about envy I lump it in with jealousy and chalk them both up as bad feelings that I shouldn’t have. But this is causing me to view envy from a different perspective.

Envy isn’t just about wanting the things that someone else has. It’s not about wanting a new car or purse or outfit… it’s about the feeling.

When envy shows up, we need to get curious. I loved what this article on mindbodygreen said:

“Envy shines light on an area where you feel a sense of lack. It takes you by the hand to where you feel the most scarcity. It points out your holes of self-worth, emotional wounding, and what you believe is possible for yourself.”

The part that I loved was that it said “takes you by the hand”. That doesn’t sound judgmental. It’s saying “pay attention to me. I want to show you your worth and potential”

It feels like every where I turn these days I am hearing about how important it is to not push down what we view as “bad” emotions but to instead get curious about them and ask them questions. When we do this it will help bring healing and help point us in the direction we need to go.

I’m going to be mulling over this for awhile and hopefully paying close attention the next time envy creeps up on me.

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