Shine Village Initiative


A few months ago our Plexus team partnered with an organization called Dream Makers. We raised money to purchase a laptop for Claire, a foster teen that is aging out of the system. You can read about that organization HERE. We loved getting to participate in something bigger than ourselves and help make a dream come true. So we are thrilled to get to partner with another amazing organization this month!

For the month of July we have partnered with Shine Village Initiative in Uganda.

Shine Village Initiative is a village empowerment initiative in rural Uganda · preserving families · preventing orphans · proclaiming the gospel ·

For those that know me and my work with Go Be Love know how excited I am about this partnership. It is near and dear to my heart.

Each Saturday Shine Village Initiative has an outreach program for the village children. Typically 300-400 children gather on Saturday mornings to have community, sing worship, study the Word, share food, and play!

Our team goal is to raise enough money to cover several months food expenses for their outreach program. They are doing awesome things in this ministry and are growing and expanding and to be able to take the financial burden of this program off their shoulders for a few months would be a huge blessing.

We would love your help! Here is how you can help:

  • You can purchase Plexus products from us today or join our team (If you have already done that this month, you are helping us reach our goal. Thank you!)
  • Or you can donate directly HERE

We are excited to see the impact we can making by joining hands with people around the world!

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