Start with Joy

Y’all have heard me rave about Revelation Wellness and how much I love it. Well, I have a friend in Colorado that recently started teach RevWell classes in Denver. (if you’re in that area you should check it out!). She wrote a blog post yesterday that really spoke to me. It coincides with the idea that I’ve been thinking about lately…that moving my body is a celebration of what my body can do… it is not a punishment for eating too much.


In her blog post Erin talks about her 3 year old daughter coming to her fitness class and rocking it. It got her thinking,

“And that made me think, when do we stop loving to move our bodies as we get older?  And when did it become about looking a certain way instead of moving in joy and freedom?

Erin encourages us to find something we love so that it can be a “get to” and not a “have to”. For some that is running (I am not that person) and for some it’s yoga. For me right now, it’s walking outside and taking a barre class. There is so much freedom when we exercise because it brings us joy and not because we feel the pressure to look a certain way or burn a certain amount of calories.

“But what if we start by changing our thinking from “to do list” to “life and joy”, from “have to” to “get to” from “results” to “freedom”.  (By the way, if you are trying to lose weight, I say smash the scale!  It usually adds more stress anyway…).   If you don’t like running, don’t run.  Dance or walk or play tennis or work out with friends or find a new class or do yoga or just anything!  Find something you love! Find something that brings life.  Add in some fun music.  Add in an inspiring podcast.  Or just try this, SMILE!  If you live in Denver, come join one of my classes, or for some fun at home workouts, check out RevWell T.V. here . 
         I believe when we start with joy, we will change the way we think about moving and start treating our bodies with more kindness and more thankfulness.  Take joy in your body and it’s ability to move.   It will be good for your whole self, your brain, your heart, your spirit.  I dare you!  Rock it.  Start moving in joy and just see how it changes you.”
Check out the rest of Erin’s blog post HERE.

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