Why we Drink Pink

Before Plexus, we tackled our health with quick fixes, meal replacements, long work outs that only burn a few calories and eating as healthy as possible.  Some of these worked some did not.  Some worked great for a time then they would fizzle out because one cheat would ruin our whole diet and we would give up.  Even at the healthiest time in our lives our inner gut health was at its worst with inflammation, bloating, fatigue & pain.  This yoyo dieting was making our bodies cry out for help and we knew this was a sign we needed to change.

Now, enter Plexus and our lives changed for the better.  Our bodies began responding to these all natural supplements and starting to heal from the inside out.  As we continue on this journey we want to share about the products we offer, our success, & things that inspire us.  First, let’s tackle our most favorite product, Slim. Also known as the “Pink Drink.”  Slim is a small on the go powder packet that you can mix/stir into any water bottle.  It has an amazing fruity taste that is very refreshing and great to take first thing in the morning. What does the pink drink do? Well here is a run down…

Fat cells protect your body by adsorbing toxins; Plexus Slim goes in and detoxes your fat cells, causing them to shrink. The toxins are then discarded through your urine and bowel movements. It contains natural ingredients and is safe. Plexus Slim curbs your appetite and diminishes food cravings. It gives you incredible energy and makes you feel good. When you drink the “Pink Drink” it breaks down sugars in your body, filtering through the liver before it hits the pancreas. When your pancreas isn’t overworked, your body naturally releases excess stored-up fat from the body. The more water you drink, the quicker you flush the excess fat and sugars from your body. Your body is made up of 80% water so it needs to be well hydrated in order to function property.

When I drink the slim I can instantly feel it working in my body. It’s as if my whole body begins to wake up and starts working. It opens my mind and I begin thinking clearly and I feel more balanced. It has helped us go from just surviving to thriving and able to tackle our busy days ahead of us.



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