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Casi Young and Audra Ohm are not only business partners but they are sisters.  They decided to get healthy together and teach others how to do the same through these amazing supplements.  They desire to share that in the midst of the craziness of life we don’t have to just merely survive but we can thrive at this life.   They want to live their best life and shine a light that helps to provide hope to others through faith, health and community.

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Casi’s Plexus Website

Casi is a work at home mom.  She works as a mission trip coordinator for Go Be Love International while also wrangling her adventurous toddler.  Her Plexus journey began in October 2017.  She was looking for a little more energy and something to help balance her moods as life was pretty crazy and stressful.  She found those things and so much more!  This journey has blessed her with better health, energy, extra income and an inspiring community.  Wanting people to have the tools to thrive and live their best life is what motivates her to share this journey with others.  She believes God made us to shine and to reflect Him in all that we do.  Her passion is helping others know they are seen and loved.  Casi lives in Franklin, TN with her husband, Chad, and their little girl, Emma Sue.  She loves adventure- big or small, traveling, being outdoors, reading, listening to music and being in authentic community.


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Audra’s Plexus Website

Audra is a stay at home momma to four kids and she spends most of her time wrangling and picking up after them.  In her spare time she enjoys photography, writing and listening to audible books.  Audra started her Plexus journey in August 2017 to help with weight loss and energy and she began noticing results right away.  Plexus not only increased her energy,  but it reduced her sugar cravings, helped heal her foot pain, help with her moods and she lost inches.   She has made it her goal to share this good news with everyone around her, especially busy moms.  She is passionate to let others know there is a better way, a healthier way.  She is thankful for this company and what it has done for her health, finances and her family life.  She now feels she doesn’t just survive to get through the day but she is thriving through her day!